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Clothing Construction

Ready to dive into the world of fashion and fun with the 4-H Clothing project? It's where you'll unleash your creativity, make savvy decisions, and stitch your way to some serious sewing skills, all while rocking your personal style.

4-H'ers enroll in the project based on experience and skills, not age or grade. From novice to needle-master, this project is stacked with four skill levels:

  • Beginning, First year in sewing (previously phase 1)
  • Basic (previous phases 2-3)
  • Expanding (previous phases 4-6)
  • Advanced (previous phases 7-9)

You’ll level up your skills in five areas:

  • Planning your projects
  • Personal development and Community Service
  • Building and managing your wardrobe (Construction and Consumerism)
  • Textiles and fabric science
  • And of course, Clothing Construction!

When you're ready, you can show off your skills at Oregon-wide contests like Fashion Revue or the Family and Consumer Sciences Classic, both held at the Oregon State Fair.

Nationally, trailblazers can compete at the National 4-H Family and Consumer Sciences Classic held in Denver, Colorado, every January.

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