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Kristen Moore

Dr. Kristen Moore standing next to her Bernese Mountain Dog, Beau.
4-H Youth Development
Please contact me with questions about companion pet 4-H programming in Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas counties.

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Today’s youth are faced with unique challenges making it imperative for all youth to feel like they belong and can develop the skills necessary to thrive. Strengthening the bond between youth and their pets can promote youth thriving and improve youth physical and emotional well-being. My work aims to provide hands-on learning opportunities for all youth to learn how to become their pet’s advocate and, in turn, learn how to advocate for themselves and others in their community. 

I wake up every morning energized because every extra moment of hard work and creativity directly impacts local Oregon youth. I love connecting youth to the questions animal scientists are asking in Oregon and around the world and igniting their spark for scientific learning.







Content by Kristen Moore

Think like an Animal Scientist!

Watch the video to learn how animal scientists solve problems! Use the activity handout to record your data.

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video

Got Milk? A Science Experiment!

Milk is the world's most complex, natural, and oldest fluid. Learn about caseins, a major protein in cow milk. Materials needed to complete the activity: Powdered or Fluid Milk, Measuring cup, Microwaveable bowl, Vinegar, Measuring spoon, Spoon, Coffee filter, Cup, Paper towels, Markers

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video

Bears, Whales, Mice - Oh my!

Our natural world is fascinating. You will learn interesting facts about different animal's milk!

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video

4-H Spark Kits

Get a spark for learning! Explore fun learning the whole family can do together! Each activity handout will introduce a new topic with hands-on activities and videos.

Kristen Moore, Patrick Willis, Tanya Kindrachuk | Dec 2020 | Collection

Shelter youth ignite learning sparks with 4-H activities, visit from therapy dog

Over 108 young people, ages 13 to 17, learned first-hand about animal science, engineering, art, and entrepreneurship.

Kristen Moore | Nov 2020 | Impact story

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