The long anticipated BBB DVD has arrived!

Are you new to exercise and the Better Bones & Balance® Program?
If you live in the Willamette Valley region you could be eligible for our study.




The Better Bones & Balance Program® (BBB) is based on research (PDF) from Oregon State University's Bone Research Laboratory. Study participants who performed balance and strength exercises using weighted vests reduced their rate of hip bone loss and reduced their risk of falls. All of the study participants were post menopausal women.


The BBB classes are designed to gradually improve balance and strength to avoid falls and maintain independence. "Better bones are a bonus", says Associate Professor Kathy Gunter, Ph.D. "Most fractures occur from a fall. If you avoid the fall, chances are you won’t experience a fracture. Because this program targets strength and balance, it has an immediate impact on reducing the risk for falls. The benefits to bone observed among long–term participants are icing on the cake."


Visit the Better Bones & Balance® FAQ page to learn more about the program and osteoporosis. You will also find sample programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercises and exercise logs that you can download to help you begin exercising on your own.

To learn more about how active you should be check out the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

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