Experts' Corner for Green Infrastructure

In this section we provide detailed information for engineers, public works professionals, landscape architects and others tasked with designing, building and maintaining green infrastructure best management practice facilities.

Oregon Rain Garden Guide: A how-to guide to help you design and build a rain garden to treat the stormwater runoff from your own home or business. You don't have to be a landscape professional to use this guide. It provides the necessary information to safely build and maintain a rain garden, along with references for more detailed guidance for special conditions. It provides information specific to Oregon's conditions, including the rainfall and appropriate plants for your site.

Low Impact Development in Western Oregon: A practical guide for watershed health: This document will help your jurisdiction address MS4 and TMDL regulatory requirements for water quality during the “post-construction” phase. Once you adapt this to your jurisdiction, the resulting document will be one component of meeting your post-construction stormwater management goals.

Standard Details:  Provides standard details for green infrastructure best management practices

UICS: Provides information about underground injection control facilities authorization by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Seattle Public Utility Design Checklists:  Feasibility and design requirements for different BMPs from the City of Seattle, Washington.

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