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This is a ground bee, which is a native insect. They are non-aggressive and are not harmful to lawns.

Ground bee habitats

Ground nesting bees differ from many types of bees because they live in solitude rather than in colonies. These bees like to make their nests in areas with exposed soil, thin grass, and good drainage. They burrow into holes that are about 1/4 inch in diameter. Occasionally, they build a mound of dirt surrounding the opening.

Female ground bees collect pollen and nectar and place them into these holes before laying their eggs.

Discouraging ground bees

It is more common to see male ground bees flying around as they look for females to mate with, and male ground bees don't have stingers. Ground bees are also helpful pollinators. It is best not to discourage ground bees, they are often not present for a long period of time and are beneficial to the environment. They can also help aerate your lawn.

If you absolutely need to discourage them, here are some strategies:

  • Heavy watering with a lawn sprinkler will discourage nesting behavior. These bees prefer dry soil.
  • Use dense turf to eliminate areas of exposed soil to reduce ideal nesting conditions.

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