Living on the Land: Attracting Birds of Prey for Rodent Control

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Shilah Olson, Karen Lamson, Mike Omeg, Brian Tuck, Susan Kerr and Ellen Hammond
EC 1641 | Published December 2012, Reviewed 2023


This publication is part of the Living on the Land series. It provides concise information on the value to farmers and ranchers of barn owls and American kestrels for rodent control, and ways to help build up local populations of these birds.

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About the authors

Shilah Olson
Conservation planner
Wasco County Soil & Water Conservation District
Karen Lamson
Conservation planner
Wasco County Soil & Water Conservation District
Mike Omeg
Omeg Orchards, Wasco County, OR
Susan Kerr
Washington State University Extension, Klickitat County
Ellen Hammond
Water quality specialist
Oregon Department of Agriculture

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