Drip Irrigation Guide for Potatoes

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Clinton Shock, Feng-Xin Wang, Rebecca Flock, Eric Eldredge, Andre Pereira and Jim Klauzer
EM 8912 | Revised July 2021, Reviewed 2023


This publication provides a framework, general recommendations, and rationales to aid potato growers interested in maximizing their land use and crop yield through drip irrigation. Discusses bed conformation, pumps and filters, system maintenance, microirrigation criteria, and chemigation.

About the authors

Feng-Xin Wang
Associate Professor
Center for Agricultural Water Research, China Agricultural University, Beijing
Rebecca Flock
Former research aide
Malheur Experiment Station, Oregon State University
Eric Eldredge
Faculty research assistant
Malheur Experiment Station, Oregon State University
Andre Pereira
Associate professor
Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering, UEPG, Parana, Brazil
Jim Klauzer
Clearwater Supply, Ontario, OR

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