Basic Forest Inventory Techniques for Family Forest Owners

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Kevin W. Zobrist, Donald P. Hanley, Amy Grotta and Chris C. Schnepf
PNW 630 | Published March 2012, Reviewed 2023


An inventory is a cornerstone of forest stewardship planning that not only ensures your forest is healthy and productive, but can meet your objectives as a landowner for years to come. This manual will teach you how to identify individual forest stands on your property, take a plot sample, establish an inventory plot, and measure individual trees. You will then learn how to compute basic statistics that will help you assess the condition of your forest and plan appropriate management activities.

About the authors

Kevin W. Zobrist
Area extension educator, forest stewardship
Washington State University
Donald P. Hanley
Extension Forester Emeritus
Washington State University
Chris C. Schnepf
Area extension educator, forestry
University of Idaho

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