Brian Hill

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Faculty Research Assistant

Contact for shade tree production, irrigation, soil and soil sensor questions

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Expertise: Hemp , Nursery and greenhouse , Soil



Brian Hill joined the Nackley Lab after graduating from Oregon State University in the spring of 2019. He attained a BS in Crop Science, an MS in Soil Physics and spent most of his free time working in a soil microbiology lab. His thesis work produced a model for predicting soil pathogen and weed seed mortality in nursery field production through a process where the soil is super-heated called Soil Solarization. After spending many years at 3 of the largest nurseries in the Pacific Northwest, working with the Nackley Lab was a perfect fit. He currently spends his days using his knowledge of sensors, drones, and irrigation in nursery production systems to explore the industries present and future challenges. As part of the OSU Intelligent Spray Program, he tests the role of LiDAR guided air-blast sprayers in shade tree production. Although he is often seen at the bottom of a muddy hole fixing irrigation or at a whiteboard project managing a new experimental set up, he is happiest when providing solution for growers via science communication, his true passion.

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