Pruning with the Pros - Introduction (in English)

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[Music] Hi, I'm Nicole Sanchez, Assistant Professor of Horticulture with Oregon State University Extension. Today, I'm at the Oregon Institute of Technology Arboretum with Tom Ford and John Bellen. Tom is the owner of Shasta View Tree Care and is a certified arborist with over 30 years of experience in the field, and John is our urban forester with the City of Klamath Falls. Today, we're going to be talking to you about some of the challenges that you might encounter with pruning mature trees. For instance, in a landscape that you might inherit, maybe you've recently purchased a home and you've inherited a landscape with mature trees. These can have a variety of challenges for pruning, and we'll walk you through some of those today.

In an ideal world, trees have been well pruned since planting, and only occasional maintenance pruning is needed. In reality, we often inherit mature trees in need of corrective pruning in order to serve their best function in the landscape. This series walks the viewer through a variety of challenges common in mature landscapes and offers suggestions on how they might be remedied.

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