What are the costs for urban goats?

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The cost to keep a goat in town or out of town is very similar. Unfortunately, most calculations are based on owning 50 to 100 animals. While I don't have an exact answer, here are some factors to consider.

How many goats will you purchase?

Goats are very social animals and while you say you are getting two, be aware that they need a lot of human interaction to stay happy. They are also very noisy and many times can be very noisy when people are away, bothering neighbors who may complain to the city.

Shelter costs

Items like fencing and shelter are extremely variable and depend upon your individual situation.

I would recommend getting a tightly woven fence (small holes) as goats are escape artists. If they escape and cause damage of any kind you will be liable, so it is essential to check your homeowners/renters insurance policy.

Climbing items can be anything and most times are fairly inexpensive if you are creative. Milking supplies can be purchased used if sanitized well.

Medical costs

For health, they will need vaccinations given on a proper schedule and every area is a bit different. You will want to establish a relationship with a vet who sees goats and can prescribe vaccinations and a worming schedule. Normally, goat owners give these vaccines themselves, but that depends on your comfort level.

Hoof trimming needs to occur several times a year and can mostly be done at the same time as vaccines. Hooves are susceptible to disease and must be treated if they become infected. Keeping them out of the mud prevents infections.

Feed costs

As for feeding, goats prefer a mostly browse diet and even if provided hay and grain will choose to munch on whatever they can get to—roses, trees, woody shrubs and other typical landscape items that could be poisonous. Feed costs vary widely depending on the amount of available hay and the quality of hay feeding.

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