Victor Villegas

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Victor Villegas

Broadband & Digital Technologies Adoption Coordinator

Contact me for questions on digital equity, digital literacy, safe computing, drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI), VR/AR, digital technology adoption, and K-12 STEAM education.

Hablo español (I speak Spanish)

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Expertise: Business marketing

Links: LinkedIn Profile , Twitter @DroneSinger , Twitter @OSUExtTech , Instagram , Mariachi STEAM website , Ag Drones for Youth STEM/STEAM Education Blog


I'm a technologist at heart who enjoys helping people learn how to use technology to improve their work, connect with new audiences online and improve their lives.

As Broadband and Digital Technologies Adoption Coordinator at Oregon State University, I engage with communities and organizations across Oregon to help them access and use broadband and digital technologies safely and responsibly for education, telemedicine, workforce and economic development. This includes promoting and educating on topics such as digital equity, digital literacy, safe computing/cybersecurity, and digital technologies adoption.

    I'm also known as DroneSinger - the "Weird Al" of drones, world's #1 composer of parody songs about drones. I leverage this fame to do K-12 STEAM outreach, engagement and education, using drones, robots, music, humor, puppets, poetry and storytelling to reach under-served/under-represented youth and spark their interest in STEAM education and career pathways.

    Skills and Experience

    • Education
    • Digital Technologies
    • Tech Support & Training
    • Customer Service
    • Social Media
    • Personal Branding
    • Communications & Marketing
    • Virtual Collaboration
    • Digital Media Production
    • Non-Profit & Small Business
    • Experiential Learning
    • UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones)

    Association Memberships / Positions

    Advisory Committees


    • Alternative / Non-traditional / Informal Education
    • Experiential & Life-long Learning
    • Professional / Workforce Development
    • Leadership
    • Future Work
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • The Arts
    • Edutainment via Music, Comedy, Puppetry/Ventriloquism, Poetry and Storytelling
    • Aeronautics and Aviation
    • Drones, Robotics & Cutting Edge Technologies
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Outreach & Engagement

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