Victor Villegas

Technology & Media Support Coordinator

Office Phone


I supervise the Oregon State University Extension Computing Technology Unit which provides onsite and remote support to 38 County Cooperative Extension Offices and 8 Regional Branch Agricultural Experiment Stations across the state of Oregon. I coordinate and provide training and support in web technologies, digital media production, social media, video conferencing and other online collaborative technologies. I'm a technologist at heart who enjoys helping people learn how to use technology to improve their work and better their lives. I like to think of myself as a bridge or translator between techies and users, with the knack for explaining technology in simple and easy to understand terms, without the geek speak and techno-babel. My knowledge base and experience includes - Tech Support, Communications & Marketing, Virtual Collaboration, Web Technologies, Web Development & Management, Media Production, Graphics Technology, Non-Profit, Small Business, Aeronautics and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS - aka drones).

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