Victor Villegas

Victor Villegas
Technology & Media Support Coordinator
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I supervise the OSU Extension Computing Technology Unit, providing onsite and remote support to 38 County Cooperative Extension Offices and 8 Regional Branch Agricultural Experiment Stations across the state of Oregon. I coordinate and provide training and support in web technologies, digital media production, social media, video conferencing and other online collaborative technologies. I'm a technologist at heart who enjoys helping people learn how to use technology to improve their work and better their lives. I like to think of myself as a bridge/translator between techies and users, with a knack for explaining technology in simple to understand terms, without the geek speak and techno-babel.

    My claim to fame, however, is through my alter ego - DroneSinger - the "Weird Al" of drones, world's #1 composer of parody songs about drones. I create parody songs about drones to bring attention to drone culture and issues, while encouraging responsible and safe flying. I also use drones, robots, music, humor, puppets, poetry and storytelling to get K-12 students interested in STEM / STEAM education and careers.

    Skills and Experience

    • Tech Support
    • Customer Service
    • Social Media
    • Communications & Marketing
    • Virtual Collaboration
    • Media Production
    • Non-Profit & Small Business
    • Drones (UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems)


    • Alternative / Non-traditional / Informal Education
    • Experiential & Life-long Learning
    • Professional / Workforce Development
    • Leadership
    • Future Work
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • The Arts
    • Edutainment via Music, Comedy, Puppetry/Ventriloquism, Poetry and Storytelling
    • Aeronautics and Aviation
    • Drones, Robotics & Cutting Edge Technologies
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Outreach & Engagement

    Board Positions

    • Professional Development Director – Association of Communications Excellence (ACE)
    • Marketing Director, Social Media, Webmaster – OSU Professional Faculty Leadership Association (PFLA)
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