Small scale meat farming: growing, finishing, processing

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This webpage is a collection of information on the many aspects of raising and processing meat animals on a small scale. We address both the small-scale commercial producer wanting to supply meat to customers and the backyard, home-use producer wanting to supply food for the family.

Many important steps need to be taken prior to and after the actual slaughter of any meat animal. These are necessary for welfare, safety, and meat quality. We start off this collection with information on selecting and purchasing meat animals that will yield high amounts of quality food, take you through growing and finishing harvest-ready animals, address humane handling and slaughter, as well as food safety and laws governing the process. We hope to contribute to a secure food system in Oregon.

Selecting & purchasing animals

Growing, finishing, & handling
Waste disposal
Sharing meat
Aging meat
Amount of meat
Food Safety
Storing meat
Cooking meat
Helpful resources

We hope to add more details soon, including videos and webinars. Please let us know if you do not see an item you think should be included.

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