Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center

2121 South 1st Street
Hermiston, OR 97838
United States

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am-12:00 pm, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

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Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Aguilar, Moises Research Assistant - Potato Breeding 541-567-6337
Antwi, Josephine Postdoctoral Scholar, Entomology 541-567-6337 x117
Bag, Sudeep Plant Pathology and Entomology Postdoctoral Scholar 541-567-6337 x117
Bali, Sapinder Potato Breeding and Genetics Postdoctoral Scholar 541-567-6337
Browne, Anna 4-H / Juntos Latino Outreach Coordinator 541-567-8321
Carr, Peggy Administrative Assistant 541-567-6337 x 113
Cating, Robert Pathology Diagnostician 541-567-8321
Childs, Dan Bio Science Research Technician 541-567-6337
Clough, George Emeritus-Horticulture 541-567-6337
Cooley, Cory ODA Pesticide Program Investigator 541-564-5962
David, Nick
DeBano, Sandy Riparian Entomologist 541-567-6337
Frost, Kenneth Plant Pathologist 541-567-8321 x105
Goyer, Aymeric Associate Professor 541-567-6337
Hamm, Phil Director 541-567-8321 x110
Li, Tianxiao Faculty Research Assistant 541-567-6337
Lukas, Scott Horticulture 541-567-6337
Qin, Ruijun Crop & Soil 541-567-8321
Ritzer, Larissa Office Specialist 541-567-6337
Rondon, Silvia Entomologist 541-567-8321 x108
Sharkey, Lora Office Specialist 541-567-8321
Thompson, Ira Bio Science Research Technician 541-567-8321
Treadwell, Angie SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator 541-567-8321
Weinke, Timothy Operations Coordinator 541-567-6337
Wooster, David Riparian Entomologist 541-567-6337
Zita, Cory Bio Science Research Technician 541-567-6337
Almaguer, Javier Pathology Education Program Assistant 541-571-5659
Kolding, Mat Cereals Specialist 541-567-6337
Sathuvalli, Sagar Assistant Professor, Potatoes 541-567-6337 ext. 109
Li, Xiaoping Research Associate
Skillman, Victoria Faculty Research Assistant
Montes De Oca, Maria Bio Science Research Technician
Kinion, Natalie Regional Director - Eastern Region 541-701-7250
Teraberry, Annette County Certification Sampler 541-567-6337
Rivedal, Hannah Faculty Assistant
Shrestha, Govinda Posdoctoral Scholar
Oppedisano , Tiziana Posdoctoral Scholar