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4‐H Science & Camping Specialist

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Content by Virginia Bourdeau

Of People and Fish: Oregon 4-H Natural Science and Cultural Discovery Program

Jul 2003
The goals of the Of People and Fish program are for youth and adults to understand the complex cultural and scientific history that has led to the "salmon crisis" and to become active citizens in the search for solutions within their communities.

By Virginia Bourdeau | OSU Extension Catalog

4-H Rosa Raindrop Water Cycle Board Game

Jul 2002
After playing this board game, learners will be able to explain the water cycle, list some of the places on Earth that water is stored, and understand that the Earth's water supply is finite. The game board is designed to print on 11 x 17 inch paper. Print a smaller version on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (letter size) by selecting "shrink to printable area" or "fit" in your print settings. The supplemental file below provides instructions for leaders and for game play.

By Virginia Bourdeau | OSU Extension Catalog

Exploring Water Habitats: Wetlands, Streams, Oceans

Apr 2014
This curriculum introduces youth to the science and function of wetlands, streams, and oceans, and how human activities affect climate and environmental function and health.

By Virginia Bourdeau | OSU Extension Catalog

Oregon 4-H Aquatic Ecology and Sportfishing Advancement Program

Apr 2005
The Aquatic Ecology and Sportfishing Advancement Program guide consists of a series of steps that allows 4-H members to set personal goals and learn at their own speed.

By Virginia Bourdeau, Janet Nagele | OSU Extension Catalog

What Can We Learn at the Pond? 4-H Wildlife Stewards Master Science Leader Guide

Jul 2003
Informal outdoor learning environments, such as school ponds and outdoor learning centers, are ideal settings for learners to practice the skills used in scientific inquiry. The lessons in this guide are designed for use with K-6 learners. Some lessons include information as to how they might be modified for younger or older learners.

By Virginia Bourdeau | OSU Extension Catalog