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Content by Amy Garrett

Dry Farming in the Maritime Pacific Northwest: Intro to Dry Farming Organic Vegetables

This publication provides an overview of dry farming, describes some of the management practices that support growing organic vegetable crops without supplemental irrigation in this region, and offers some additional resources.

Amy Garrett | Feb 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Participatory Plant Breeding for Dry Farmed Systems

Educational video with information on options for dry farming.

Amy Garrett, Anne Berblinger, Andrew Still, Laurie McKenzie | Sep 2017 | Video

Dry Farming Project Continues to Expand!

Multiple Research Projects Engage with the Dry Farming Collaborative in 2018

Amy Garrett | Jul 2018 | Article

Old Mill Feed & Garden

The Old Mill Feed and Garden center is a commanding presence on Dallas Oregon’s Main Street. In the 1900s it had been an active farmer’s co-op that sold feed and included a vault that farmers could use for grain ...

Amy Garrett | Jun 2013 | Article

Building Community Through Food and Partnerships: Gathering Together Farm, Part 2 - Wild Garden Seed and Avoca Seed

Part 1 of this story appeared in the spring edition of Small Farm News, and highlighted Gathering Together Farm (GTF) of Philomath, Oregon; in particular their unique partnerships with local farms and food artisans. Part 2 ...

Amy Garrett | Jun 2013 | Article

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