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Content by Amy Garrett

Dry Farming in the Maritime Pacific Northwest: Intro to Dry Farming Organic Vegetables

This publication provides an overview of dry farming, describes some of the management practices that support growing organic vegetable crops without supplemental irrigation in this region, and offers some additional resources.

By Amy Garrett | OSU Extension Catalog

Participatory Plant Breeding for Dry Farmed Systems

Educational video with information on options for dry farming.

By Amy Garrett, Anne Berblinger, Andrew Still, Laurie McKenzie | Video

Dry Farming Project Continues to Expand!

Multiple Research Projects Engage with the Dry Farming Collaborative in 2018

By Amy Garrett, | Article

Grafting Vegetables - Is it worth the trouble? Many growers say yes.

Grafting vegetables has largely been limited to hydroponic systems in the U.S. although in recent years has become more popular in the field. Vegetable grafting is similar to grafting of fruits trees...

By Amy Garrett | Article

Small Farms Program and the New Generation of Farmers

Recently, journalists have noticed the interest by young people in farming as a career. The New York Times featured Oregon’s young farmers in an article in 2011. National Public Radio recently...

By Amy Garrett, Garry Stephenson | Article

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