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Assistant Professor of Practice and Extension Forest/Fire Science Agent, Oregon State University, College of Forestry Extension.  Assigned to Klamath and Lake County (2014 to present).  Private forest and natural resource consultant (2010 to 2014).  Fire Chief for a 15 square mile, all-risk/all-hazard volunteer Fire Department/Fire Service Area in NW Montana (2006 – 2012) and volunteered for two years as a firefighter/EMT for a Klamath County Fire District (2014 to 2016).  Wildland firefighter for every fire season from 1978 to 2012.  Served as Operations Section Chief (11 years) for Type 1 and 2 Incident Management Teams (up the ranks from squad boss, crew boss, strike team leader, division supervisor, etc).  Also served as Field Observer, Structure Protection Specialist, fireline EMT, Safety Officer, Situation Unit Leader, Infrared Interpreter, and Plans Chief trainee concurrent with Operations experience and training.  Participated on rehab BAER Teams, Agency Administrator, resource advisor, and other fire-related jobs.  Served on wildland fires from Florida to Alaska, and all areas in between.  Also participated in flood, hurricane, search and rescue, and disaster recovery incidents.  Worked for the Forest Service in forestry, natural resources, and fire (1973 to 2010): 5 years starting with the Fire Control Lab in Riverside, CA and moved to the Forest and Range Experiment Station in Corvallis, OR.  Rest of the time worked and lived in remote Ranger Stations in N. Idaho, NE Oregon, Central Idaho, and NW Montana. Retired in 2010 as Forest Program Manager (silviculturist, forest ecologist, fire ecologist) on the Kootenai NF in NW Montana.  Silviculture certification in Region 6 in 1987 to 1992 (Oregon State University and University of Washington).  BS and MS in Forestry/Forest Science from Oregon State University (1977 and 1991) and PhD in landscape and disturbance ecology from the University of Montana (2000).

Content by Dan Leavell

Fire FAQs—What is forest fuel, and what are fuel treatments?

Forest fuel is combustible biomass—everything from needles and twigs to shrubs, downed trees, and logs. Wildland fire managers reduce and rearrange fuel to reduce the probability of forest fires. Fuel treatments include thinning, prescribed burning, pruning, and mowing. A combination of treatments...

By Dan Leavell, Stephen Fitzgerald, Carrie Berger | OSU Extension Catalog

Fire FAQs—Who owns Oregon's forests, and how does that matter when it comes to fire?

Oregon's wildfire landscape is clouded by the mix of public and private interests that control more than 30 million acres. Forests make up nearly half of Oregon, and most forests fall under federal management. Forest ownership factors into both the number of fires and the size to which they grow.

By Dan Leavell, Lauren Grand, Stephen Fitzgerald, Carrie Berger | OSU Extension Catalog

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