Rain Garden Downloads

  • Fact Sheet: Includes general information on infiltration vs filtration type facilities, siting, design (storm size, routing, vegetation, mulch, etc.), construction, maintenance, cost considerations, & pollutant removal, & avoiding a UIC (Underground Injection Control).
  • Designer's Checklist: This is a designer and plans reviewer checklist from Seattle Public Utilities. (Their term for LID is "Natural Drainage Systems (NDS)" and their term for rain gardens is "Bioretention". This checklist should only be used by experienced designers. Not all guidance may be required to be met for the jurisdiction you're working in.
  • Rain Garden Sizing Calculator(s): Download an Excel sheet or use our online calculator (SBUH Type IA storm distribution only).
  • Finding Native Plants
  • Maintenance
  • Download additional details including flow chart & abbreviations

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