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2019 Master Gardener Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in the OSU Extension Service Master Gardener™ Program in Lane County!

To become a certified Master Gardener™, participants must complete training classes and 40 hours of on-the-job plant clinic training, plus 20 additional hours of approved volunteer service. You will have a variety of service opportunities available ranging from answering gardening questions from the public, planning a statewide conference, to working with schools and community groups. Anyone interested in horticulture can apply to the program.

Accepting applications for the 2019 Master Gardener Volunteer Program!

Master Gardener and Horticultural Proficiency Training Program

Statewide Resources

Online Master Gardener Course

Master Gardener Program Resource

The Master Gardener & Home Horticulture Basic Training course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about the effective and sustainable management of their home horticultural landscape. There are no course prerequisites, although a basic understanding of plants is helpful.

Option 1: An alternate route to becoming a Certified Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, if the timing of the live training doesn't work for you.

Option 2: The same training Master Gardeners receive in Option 1, for those who want the training but do not want to become a Master Gardener Volunteer. Participants receive a Certificate of Home Horticulture upon successful completion of the online course.

In this course you will learn about the art and the science of caring for plants. We examine plant types (e.g. woody, herbaceous), garden types (e.g. container, vegetable), and elements that influence the growth and vigor of plants in the home garden (e.g. pathogens, soils, insects, management decisions). We will also focus on the prevention and diagnosis of plant problems, as well as a least toxic approach to tolerating and/or managing plant problems in the home horticultural landscape.

For more information and to enroll, visit the Online MG website:

Master Gardener Position Description

Master Gardener Program Resource

This form describes the job of a MG Extension volunteer, as well as position requirements and supervision.