Volunteer Reporting System

Report Volunteer Hours Online - Volunteer Reporting System (VRS). Master Gardeners complete 10 hours of approved education and 20 hours of approved volunteer service hours annually. Reporting year runs November 1-October 31. If you allow your certification to lapse you must work with a Certified MG until you have completed the requirements. The requirements must be completed by October 31 to be certified the following year.


Lane County Extension Upcoming Events & Classes


Classes, Events, and MORE!

Composting Publications, Resources, and Plans


A collection of composting publications, ranging from composting methods and techniques to schematics for various composting systems.

Critter Corner


A collection of information relating to the critters we find in our gardens.
Current topics include: Bedbugs, march worms, wireworms, cluster flies, hummingbirds, bats, fleas, yellow jackets, and bug trivia.

Statewide Resources

Online Volunteer Reporting System (VRS)

Master Gardener Program Resource

Report your hours online.

Marketing Templates

Master Gardener Program Resource

Use these templates for ALL posters and other materials.

Master Gardener Code of Conduct

Master Gardener Program Resource

The Master Gardener Code of Conduct describes the expectations of Extension Master Gardener trainees and volunteers. It must be signed and filed, before an individual can begin volunteering with the OSU Extension Master Gardener Program.

Pest Control Recommendation Agreement

Master Gardener Program Resource

This form emphasizes to volunteers that the Master Gardener Program strives to provide science-based, objective advice to clients. Master Gardenerss cannot introduce their personal bias into recommendations.

Policies Concerning the Use of Title of “OSU Master Gardener”

Master Gardener Program Resource

This form outlines how the title of Master Gardener can and cannot be used. For example, it cannot be used to sell or promote a product.

PNW Handbooks

Master Gardener Program Resource

Search through the PNW Handbooks: Insect, Disease, Weed online