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Several statewide and regional programs are in place to help with your plant diseases. The OSU Plant Clinic can help you diagnose the problem while the PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook can help with solutions. Several OSU faculty are located throughout the state to also assist with plant problems.

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Red Blotch Disease

Information on Grapevine Red Blotch Disease, an important viral disease.

By Patricia Skinkis

Educational Document

What is a plant disease?

Presentation on plant disease and diagnostics.

By Phil Hamm


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My pears have rust, what can I do?

Last year crop was a total failure due to this. This year I have gently removed close to 6 small fruit starts. I just found some leaves on the pear with these spores. I have been treating the soil and the tree with neem granules, for soil, and neem oil spray for leaves and branches and fruit....