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Healthy Living

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Project areas and opportunities surrounding Nutrition, Physical Activity, Recreation, and Safety.

Health for Better Living

Lane County 4-H is focusing on the fourth H this year, which is health! Each month, there will be a mini journal within our newsletter talking about all aspects of health. There will also be recipes each month and health challenges. To participate in the health challenge, email the 4-H office to be entered in a county-wide raffle! There will be one raffle at the end of the 2018/2019 4-H year for a large healthy-living prize. We hope this encourages you and your 4-H friends to live a happy and healthy life!

Healthy Living-inspired Community Service

Connecting with others has been shown to increase our happiness and our health! Here are 50 ways to include Healthy Living in 4-H service learning projects. What is your club inspired to do? How may you be of help?

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