Becoming a Certified Master Melittologist

We are currently collecting names for our 2022 program. You will be contacted about the enrollment process toward the end of this year. ADD YOUR NAME TO OUR WAITING LIST

The program’s target audience are people interested in going deeper into native bee biology and ecology, by participating in native bee specimen collection in the service of creating Oregon’s first Bee Atlas. This program is intended to be an introductory self-paced course of study, with opportunities for working with mentors in the field. Journey and Master levels - which will involve rigorous advanced study - are still in development at this time. 

PROGRAM FEE: $300; subsidies available for students with financial need and underrepresented groups

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: Students are asked to purchase “The Solitary Bees: Biology, Evolution, Conservation” by Brian Danforth et. al. 2017, and “The Bees in Your Backyard” by Joseph Wilson and Olivia Messinger Carril 2015. An optional but recommended text is “Bumble Bees of North America: An Identification Guide” by Paul Williams et al 2014.


  • Complete five online training modules
  • Attend a one-day field training course in native bee survey techniques, record keeping, and specimen curation led by certified Atlas instructors
  • Attend a one-day microscope training day
  • Attend one group outing
  • Participate in one outreach event

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