Credit: Glenda Hyde (Cropped from original)

Food Safety and Preservation in Central Oregon

Oregon State University Extension promotes home food safety and preservation methods through publications, workshops, free pressure canner dial gauge testing, questions answered in-person, online or by phone, and the OSU Extension Food Preservation Facebook page.

OSU Extension professionals and Master Food Preserver volunteers want to help you preserve and enjoy the best quality and safe foods.

See the sections below for information and training that will help you learn about safe methods and build your skills and confidence.

Master Food Preserver Training will not be held for new trainees in 2021.

Credit: Glenda Hyde (Cropped from original)
Credit: Glenda Hyde (Cropped from original)

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Associate Professor of Practice, Family and Community Health; OSU Extension Service Extension Disaster Education Network Delegate

Contact me with questions about food safety and preservation, managing stress and emergency/disaster preparedness

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