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Food Safety and Preservation in Central Oregon

Oregon State University Extension promotes food safety and preservation methods through publications, workshops, free pressure canner dial gauge testing, questions answered in-person, online or by phone, and the OSU Extension Food Preservation page.

A comprehensive online course, Preserve @ Home is offered with the University of Idaho Extension on in January and February and features a one-day hands-on lab at the conclusion of the course.

Trained volunteers assist OSU Extension professionals serving the public. Master Food Preserver volunteers receive comprehensive training to be able to help provide information, teach or assist with workshops and answer questions. You can find out how to apply for Master Food Preserver training on this web page.

Master Food Preserver Speaker request forms are linked below.

Food Safety and Preservation Activities in Central Oregon

     Home Food Safety and Preservation Publications

     Public Workshops in Central Oregon

     OSU Extension Food Preservation Facebook Page

     Master Food Preserver Speaker Request Form

     Master Food Preserver Volunteer Training

     Preserve @ Home Online course with hands-on lab

     Food Safety and Preservation Impacts in Central Oregon


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Always use up-to-date, tested recipes from reliable resources for tasty, safely preserved foods with great quality. OSU Extension provides publications, free, online. Printed copies may be ordered from the web page or be obtained from your local county office for a small fee or sometimes, free.

Home Food Safety and Preservation Publications

Glenda Hyde

2019 Food Preservation Public Workshops in Central Oregon

See the attached poster to see this year's schedule.

Participants learn about the topic, practice skills with a hands-on lab and take home recipes and products made in the workshop.

Registration usually starts three weeks prior to the class.

If you would like to join our private contacts list we can send an email reminder. Call 541-548-6088 or send your request to

2019 Food Preservation Public Workshops in Central Oregon

Master Food Preserver Speaker Request Form

Please download, fill out and return the request to OSU Extension at least one month before the event. See form for contact information.

Master Food Preserver Speaker Request Form

The OSU Extension Master Food Preserver Program in Central Oregon

Master Food Preservers (MFPs) are trained and certified community volunteers who assist the Oregon State University Extension Service in their efforts to provide up-to-date food safety and preservation information to Oregonians. Find out more about the program and how to apply at this link.

Food Entrepreneurs can get help from OSU!

2019 Combined Acidified Foods and Better Process Control School

September 9-12, 2019
Wiegand Hall | OSU Campus | Corvallis, Oregon

The Oregon State University Better Process Control School is approved by the FDA and follows the prescribed course of instruction for certification. The two-day course addresses operations of acidified food processing systems, glass packaging systems and container closure inspection. In addition to the first two days, the four-day course addresses operations of retorts, low acid food processing systems, aseptic processing and packaging systems and container closure inspection.

See this page for all the details!

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