Faculty and Staff

Katie Ahern

Family & Community Health/SNAP-Ed

Brandi Borton

SNAP-Ed Education Program Assistant

Candi Bothum

State 4-H Animal Science Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development

Ariel Cowan

Regional Fire Specialist, Central Region

Christina Diaz-Toledo

Open Campus Juntos Education Program Assistant, Office Specialist

Kaitlin Greene

SNAP-Ed Education Program Assistant

Kimberly Griffiths

Administrative Program Assistant

Charisa Hohman

Education Program Assistant

Glenda Hyde

Associate Professor of Practice, Family and Community Health; OSU Extension Service Extension Disaster Education Network Delegate

Holly Lyons

Office Manager

Reaza Mansur

4-H Education Program Assistant

Carrie Sether

Office Specialist

Clare Sullivan

Small Farms and Specialty Crops
Clare Sullivan is out of the office until April 2021 on maternity leave. She will not be responding to email.

Kara Young

Faculty Research Assistant