Candi Bothum

The OSU Extension Master Food Preserver Volunteer Program in Central Oregon

The OSU Extension Master Food Preserver volunteer program was initiated in 1989 in Central Oregon. Over the years, volunteers have been trained in this program and they, in turn, have reached thousands of clients within our communities.

Individuals interested in learning and sharing research-based food safety and preservation information may want to apply. Currently, the program has about 20 active volunteers who find the program educational, fun and very rewarding.

Are you interested in becoming a Master Food Preserver? Like you, Master Food Preservers are interested in learning more about the art and science of home food safety and preservation. In exchange for classroom instruction, Master Food Preservers agree to help local Extension faculty and staff share up-to-date food safety and preservation information with people in their communities. 

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Associate Professor of Practice, Family and Community Health; OSU Extension Service Extension Disaster Education Network Delegate

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