One important factor to think about after you plant a tree
is staking.
Not every tree needs to be staked.
You should only stake a tree if the site circumstances
or the character of the particular specimen dictate it.
So a highly windy situation or a tall and spindly tree
might need staking.
If you're going to stake a tree, one
of the things you want to be wary of
is not leaving the stakes on too long.
The tree, after about six months to a year,
the stakes should be removed.
And that allows some movement so the tree
can build some stability.
Another problem with staking is using an improper strapping
Sometimes wire's been used, which can cut into the tree
and actually damage or kill the tree.
So just to recap, the stakes should
be removed after about six months to a year.
And if you are going to stake, make
sure they're not staked too tight so the tree has
some natural movement.
And use a strapping material that won't cut into the bark.

Stephen Fitzgerald and Paul Ries explain how to strap a recently planted tree.

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