Yellow Starthistle: Ecology and Management on Pacific Northwest Rangelands

Larry L. Larson, Roger Sheley, Michael McInnis and Gary Kiemnec
EM 8580 | Published January 2008, Reviewed 2021


Covers the history of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis L.) invasion of the Pacific Northwest and describes current infestation levels in Oregon and Washington. Provides basic information regarding yellow starthistle ecology, including descriptions of habitat, seed production, seed dispersal, germination and viability, seedlings, rosettes, and adults. Discusses yellow starthistle management strategies, including prevention, containment, and chemical, mechanical, and biological control. Includes sources for further information.

About the authors

Larry L. Larson
Professor of rangeland resources
Oregon State University
Roger Sheley
Assistant professor of plant, soil and environmental sciences
Montana State University
Michael McInnis
Professor of rangeland resources
Gary Kiemnec
Associate professor of crop and soil science
Oregon State University

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