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Dates on Food Products

Dates on food labels help you judge how long the product will be at top quality (good flavor, texture, odor and nutritional value).

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Idle, uncleaned milk trucks don't compromise the quality of raw milk, OSU study shows

Mar 1, 2018
Raw milk quality isn’t compromised when tanker trucks sit empty and uncleaned for hours between loads, according to new research at Oregon State University.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Be safe: Develop good habits from garden to table

Sep 8, 2017
Foodborne illness can come from our homegrown produce

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

OSU develops water-resistant, antimicrobial edible wrap for food preservation

Jun 8, 2017
Film is edible and made out of two naturally occurring substances

By Chris Branam | News Story

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Is canning with fresh lemon juice a safety risk?

I used fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice for canning salsa in water bath. is that ok?

By Jeanne Brandt, | Featured Question