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Joy Waite-Cusic

Associate Professor of Food Safety Systems
Statewide Specialist for Home Food Safety and Preservation Program

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Content by Joy Waite-Cusic

How long will dried fruit last?

Q: How long will dehydrated apples, or any fruit, last once vacuum sealed in the pantry?

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Add-on Exercise on Water Infiltration for PSA Module 5.2 Ag Water (V1.2)

The intent of the exercise is for PSA grower course trainees to witness the impact of water infiltration in produce, consider produce safety implications related to post-harvest water quality and think about the importance of managing postharvest water quality.

Jovana Kovacevic, Joy Waite-Cusic, Rebecca Bland | May 2020 | Presentation

Add-on Exercise for Produce Safety Alliance Module 6 v1.2– Post-harvest Handling and Sanitation

The intent of this add-on exercise is for PSA grower course trainees to think through various harvest and post-harvest scenarios and consider implications related to produce safety in the context of real production environments. Each group of trainees (4-6 per group) is given a set of the printed photos to work through. They are asked specific questions, and given 15-20 minutes to work in their groups.  Following group discussions, trainers go through the slide deck and ask participants to share what they discussed in their groups about each scenario.

Jovana Kovacevic, Joy Waite-Cusic | Nov 2019 | Presentation

I had a jam apocalypse, what happened?

Q: I made uncooked freezer jam from blackberries in my yard. I put the prepared jam in jars, placed lids but not too tight with 1/2 headspace. After letting them sit on the counter for 24 hrs ( for the pectin to set) ...

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Should I worry about the cyanide in lima beans?

Q: I've purchased yellow "butter beans" immature in the pods from a local farm stand. They are very good. But I just learned that lima beans have (or convert into) cyanide and so mature beans require long cooking to remove ...

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