Oregon State University Extension publications recognized for excellence by national association

CORVALLIS, Ore. – The Oregon State University Division of Extension and Engagement has been recognized with awards for outstanding educational materials from the Association of Natural Resources and Extension Professionals.

The national association announced its 2024 Awards Program recipients on March 28. Publications produced by the OSU Extension Service received one gold award and two silver awards.

Faculty and staff who were honored are in three Extension programs: Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR), Family and Community Health (FCH) and Agricultural and Natural Resources (ANR).

Honorees also are in Extension Communications (EC), a central unit in the Division of Extension and Engagement, and the OSU Center for Health Innovation, as well as other collaborators from The Nature Conservancy, Bold Ampersand and Washington State University.

Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes received the gold award for long publication. It detailed tools to create a defensible space around the home, protecting property and family while giving firefighters room to fight fires safely. The publication gives homeowners examples of flammable plants and their fire-resistant alternatives, along with guidance on spacing and maintenance.

Authors of the publication include: Amy Jo Detweiler (ANR), Stephen Fitzgerald (FNR), Ariel Cowan (FNR), Neil Bell (ANR) and Thomas Stokely of The Nature Conservancy.

The long publication silver award was awarded to “Nuestro Futuro en Nuestras Manos/Our Future in Our Hands,” a bilingual booklet that prepares families for wildfire with simple actions and builds resilience to deal with potentially negative consequences. The publication includes actionable steps for residents to take to prepare and respond to wildfires. The scope of the publication includes protecting homes and belongings to mental health and seeking post-fire resources.

Authors and contributors include: Carrie Berger (FNR), Kara Baylog (FNR), Glenn Ahrens (FNR), Emily Jane Davis (FNR), Aaron Groth (FNR) Dusti Linnell (FCH), Oralia Mendez of the Oregon State University Center for Health Innovation. Christina Friehauf of Bold Ampersand was the graphic designer.

Preventing Phytophthoras in Woodland Restoration Plantings” was awarded the silver in short publications. This publication provides a guide to preventing the damage causing phytophthoras microorganisms that cause severe damage to crops, ornamentals and native plants. The publication includes advice for restorative planting and prevention in local areas.

Authors and contributors include: Norma Kline (FNR), Dan Stark, (FNR), Aaron Groth (FNR), Beatriz Botello Salgado (FCH), Janet Donnelly (EC), Diana Reyes, (EC), Jennifer Parke OSU Department of Crop and Soil science in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Marianne Elliott of Washington State University.

The Association of Natural Resources and Extension Professionals is a national association for Cooperative Extension Service professionals working in environmental education, fisheries, forestry, wood sciences, range, recreation, waste management, water, wildlife, energy and related disciplines.

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