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Content by Chad Mueller

Weaning Management of Beef Calves

From an industry perspective, how we manage our calf crop, pre-weaning, at weaning, and post-weaning, can have dramatic effects on economic viability, consumer acceptance and end-product quality.

By Barbi Riggs, Chad Mueller, Reinaldo Cooke, | Educational Document

To Grass or Not to Grass... That is the Calf Question

When the costs of gain in the finishing phase are high, heavier weight cattle are more attractive to feeders compared to lighter weight cattle. This publication discusses the pros and cons of keeping cattle on grass to gain more weight prior to entering the final growth phase before harvesting.

By Shelby Filley, Chad Mueller, | Article

Oregon Carcass of Merit Procedures and Guidelines

The Oregon 4-H Carcass of Merit Program offers recognition to Oregon 4-H members who breed and/or buy, feed, and raise animals whose carcasses meet the "ideal" for red meat: lean, early maturing, high yielding, and containing minimal external fat.

By Gene Pirelli, Chad Mueller | OSU Extension Catalog

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