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Senior Faculty Research Assistant II

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Content by Linda Brewer

Plain Talk about Soils and Soil Chemistry

Presentation on soil chemistry and related soil topics.

By Linda Brewer, | Presentation

Advanced Composting for Beginners

Presentation on successful composting.

By Linda Brewer, | Presentation

Are all compost tumblers created equal?

Looking to buy one but would like your opinion for easiest use and quality if you have a preference.

By Linda Brewer, | Featured Question

OSU Organic Fertilizer & Cover Crop Calculator: Predicting Plant-available Nitrogen

Describes the OSU Organic Fertilizer & Cover Crop Calculator and using it to predict plant-available nitrogen.

By Clare Sullivan, Dan Sullivan, Linda Brewer, Nick Andrews | OSU Extension Catalog

Is anaerobic compost tea useful, any tips?

I would like to use compost tea on my garden. I don't have the means to make aerobic compost tea. If I use anaerobic compost tea as a soil drench only, will I still provide my soil a flush of beneficial microbes? Also, do you have any suggestions for making anaerobic compost tea?

By Linda Brewer, | Featured Question

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