Recognize the Symptoms and Causes of Stunted Growth in Vineyards

Patricia A. Skinkis, Vaughn Walton, Amy J. Dreves, Clive Kaiser, Steve Renquist, Steve Castagnoli, Rick Hilton and Linda Brewer
EM 8975 | Revised January 2020, Reviewed 2023


Spring frost, herbicide drift, water or nutrient stress, diseases, and insect and mite pests can cause similar symptoms of stunting or distorted growth in grapevines. Recognizing the symptoms and distinguishing their causes is the first step in diagnosing problems and developing a management plan. With many color photos, this publication will help you identify probable causes of distorted shoot and vine growth in vineyards and direct you to other resources that can lead to solutions.

Download the Stunted Growth in Vineyards app for iOS from iTunes (no longer available for Android).

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