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Steve Renquist

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Bio- Steve Renquist


1976 M.S.

Agriculture with a specialization in Integrated Pest Management 

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California.

1975 B.S. 

Fruit Science

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California.



Horticultural Extension Agent, Oregon State University, Douglas County-Roseburg, OR.


Grain/Futures trader, Cargill Inc., Dayton, OH.


Crop forecaster/ Tropical Commodity trader, Cargill Inc., Sao Paulo, Brazil


Crop forecaster, Cargill Inc., Minneapolis, MN.


Agricultural Specialist, USDA, on Exchange with the USSR


Extension Agent, Fruit Specialist, Cornell University, Wayne County, NY.


Owned and operated an apple and peach orchard in San Luis Obispo County, CA

Content by Steve Renquist

Why are my blackberries variegated?

Q: For more than ten years, we have raised a thornless blackberry cultivar with large, succulent berries. They don't have as much sweet flavor as wild blackberries, but are sure a lot easier to pick! The problem is some of ...

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Planting and caring for a fruit tree

Planting a new fruit tree? Dig a big hole, wait to apply fertilizer and keep an eye on pests. Here are more quick tips for taking care of your transplanted tree.

Steve Renquist | May 2015 | Article

Fruit tree selection

How to choose the right fruit trees for your property.

Steve Renquist | May 2015 | Article

Fruit tree pest management

Homeowners often consider pest management the most difficult part of raising fruit. Most people either lack the knowledge to identify and control insect pests and diseases, or they dread having to spray chemicals to protect their...

Steve Renquist | May 2015 | Article

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