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Content by Reinaldo Cooke

Weaning Management of Beef Calves

From an industry perspective, how we manage our calf crop, pre-weaning, at weaning, and post-weaning, can have dramatic effects on economic viability, consumer acceptance and end-product quality.

By Barbi Riggs, Chad Mueller, Reinaldo Cooke, | Educational Document

Basics of Reproductive Function in Beef Cows

The major objective of cow-calf operations is to produce one calf per cow every year. Therefore, reproductive performance of the cowherd highly determines the efficiency and profitability of cow-calf systems.

By Reinaldo Cooke, | Publication

Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination in Beef Cattle

This article will address some of the advantages and disadvantages of AI, and review the most common estrus synchronization protocols that are currently available to producers.

By Reinaldo Cooke, Guilherme H. L. Marquezini | Publication

Temperament and Performance of Beef Cattle

For over a century, the word temperament has been used to define the fear-related behavioral responses of cattle when exposed to human
handling. As cattle temperament worsens, their response to human contact or any other handling procedures becomes more excitable. Within the beef cattle industry, producers select cattle for temperament primarily for safety reasons. However, recent studies demonstrate that cattle temperament may also have productive and economic implications to beef operations. This article will review some of the detrimental effects that excitable temperament has on productive traits of beef cattle.

By Reinaldo Cooke, | Educational Document

Overview of the Cattle Immune System

This article will provide basic information regarding health management and the immune system of cattle.

By Reinaldo Cooke, | Publication

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