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Turfgrasses and Lawn Care in Eastern Oregon

Today, turfgrass is the single largest irrigated crop in the United States and covers three times the land area of any other cultivated crop. An estimated 40.5 million acres of grasses are planted in residential, commercial and institutional lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields. Learn more about the structure and establishment of turfgrass and how to address weeds, diseases, and insects.

By Richard Smiley, | Article

Field Guide for Diagnosing Common Wheat Maladies of the Pacific Northwest

This field guide provides an overview of basic plant pathology concepts that are relevant to disease identification in wheat. It introduces tools to help distinguish between biotic and abiotic injuries, and discusses patterns of biotic injury in the field to help differentiate seed-borne, foliar,...

By Richard Smiley, Christina Hagerty | OSU Extension Catalog

Plant-parasitic nematodes affecting small grain cereals in the Pacific Northwest

Discusses several species of plant-parasitic nematodes that occur where small-grain crops are produced in the Pacific Northwest. Covers nematode biology, symptoms of injury, yield constraints, management, sampling, and diagnostic services.

By Richard Smiley | OSU Extension Catalog

Controlling Root and Crown Diseases of Small Grain Cereals

This publication describes practices to manage and minimize losses from root and crown diseases of wheat and barley throughout the Pacific Northwest.

By Richard Smiley | OSU Extension Catalog