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Content by Tim Miller-Morgan

Weed and Vegetation Management Strategies in Christmas Trees

This publication offers an integrated approach to effective weed management in Christmas trees, incorporating diverse strategies and practices to keep weed populations off balance. It includes strategies for using prevention, mechanical means, cover crops and vegetated strips, flame weeding, and...

By Ed Peachey, Tim Miller-Morgan, Chal Landgren | OSU Extension Catalog

Knotweed Shrub Complex: Identification, Biology, and Management

Being able to correctly identify the five knotweeds that grow in the Northwest can help you choose the best control strategies. Color photographs of the weeds accompany a detailed chart describing the stems, leaves, and flowers of Japanese, giant, Bohemian, and Himalayan knotweeds and low Japanese...

By Tim Miller-Morgan | OSU Extension Catalog

Nightshade: Biology and Control in the Pacific Northwest

Weed species in the Solanaceae (nightshade) family cause some of the most serious weed-related problems in Pacific Northwest agriculture. Nightshade control is difficult because the weeds are so widely adapted, their seeds germinate throughout the growing season, and they are tolerant to many...

By Robert (Bob) Parker, Tim Miller-Morgan | OSU Extension Catalog

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