Program & Policy Approach to Childcare Crisis during the Pandemic

Across Oregon, there has been a long-standing lack of childcare availability. This inadequacy was magnified by the pandemic when many families found themselves without childcare for the first time.

This crisis has shed light on areas of society whose value plays a vital role in the economic health and stability within communities. It amplified existing issues from systemic racism, inadequacies in healthcare, in addition to a lack of quality, affordable, and accessible childcare. It also created opportunity to finally address these issues collectively.

Getting Oregon (and the nation) back to work, requires action and safe, creative solutions. Extension is uniquely poised to respond. Two counties in Oregon are actively working to create solutions within their communities.

Hear about Dani and Margie’s efforts with the Teen Babysitter Training Program and the Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change (PSE) model, working towards creating community-driven solutions and advocating for change.


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