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Industrial Arts


In each class the exhibit shall be an educational exhibit which will show or illustrate what the member has learned. Include an explanation telling: (a) how the exhibit was made or what was done in the project; (b) operating instructions (if appropriate); and (c) what the member learned by the doing the project.


Projects or exhibits is this class are designed for practical use, artistic purpose, or demonstration of skills.  The techniques used can include Shielded Metal Arc Welding/Stick, Gas Metal Arc Welding/MIG, Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding/TIG, Flux-cored Arc Welding, Oxy-fuel Welding, or other metal joining techniques that require the heating of surfaces to the point of melting.


The 4-H Woodworking project is a fun way to learn the basics of wood construction and woodworking. You will learn construction safety, sawing, nailing, and wood finishing while creating fun, useful items. You will also have the opportunity to explore careers in woodworking and construction as part of the project.

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