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Project Resources

Innovation & Creativity

4-H members may share a creative or innovative exhibit that does not fit well in a project area’s scripted classes. The idea behind this program is to have a way for members to share how they have expanded their knowledge and skills to include new learning from outside a project area which then is included in their project areas. A project may include a technological component to add another dimension to the project such as illumination or interactivity or uses science knowledge or skills to otherwise enhance the project.

Science Rich Learning Resources

The 4-H Science Rich handbook series was developed by a team of state and county 4-H agents to help Oregon 4-H agents and volunteers become familiar with the national 4-H science framework and how to think intentionally about science programming.  Currently there are 4-H Science Rich Handbooks available for these 4-H Projects: Horticulture, Entomology, Forestry, Geology, Marine Science, Dog, Horse, Foods, and Clothing. More detailed information on this program are available here.

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