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Expressive Art

Get inspired and express your creativity in a variety of art forms. The application of the elements and principles of design is the foundation that allows the inclusion of almost any medium or technique. 4-H Original Art division includes work that is entirely the creation of the member while 4-H Non-original Art division allows for the inclusion of some components that have been designed or created by others. 


4-H Resource Notebooks

Looking for some new, fun & hands on 4-H activities for your club meeting? Check out these great Resource Notebooks for Photography! If you are interested in a different project area, please let us know. We have a lot of great resources and may have exactly what you need!

  • Photography Notebooks
    • 1-Learning About Your Camera and it’s Photographic Properties
    • 2-Getting Ready to Take a Photograph
    • 3-Composition
    • 4-Camera to Subject Distance
    • 5-Photography Terms
    • 6-Focus & Flash Effective Distance
    • 7-Lighting
    • 8-Evaluating Photographs
    • 9-Pet Photographs
    • 10-Candid Photographs
    • 11-Exposure
    • 12-Apertures
    • 13-Horizontal or Vertical
    • 14-Macro/Close Up Photography
    • 15-When It’s Time to See the Judge-Be Prepared!


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