Joyce Stride, Bradford J. Jeffreys, S. Marina Schrader, Barbara Tuohino Funk, Esther Cate and Roberta Lundeberg
4-H 1311 | Published February 2009, Reviewed 2022


This publication briefly introduces the concept of dressage, terminology, levels of competition, how to ride a test, how the test will be judged, and equipment and general rules used in competitions.

About the authors

Joyce Stride
Oregon Dressage Society 4-H representative
Oregon State University
Bradford J. Jeffreys
Former Extension specialist
4-H youth development, Oregon State University
S. Marina Schrader
Oregon 4-H leader and horse judge
Barbara Tuohino Funk
Oregon Dressage Society 4-H representative
Esther Cate
Oregon 4-H horse show judge

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