Fire Bright: Learn, Work, Lead
A Curriculum for High School Educators

Kara Baylog, Jennifer Payne, Herb Johnson, Yasmeen Hossain, Christopher Adlam and Ben Ho
EM 9416 | March 2024 |

Any effective, long-term strategy for community resilience in the face of wildfire must bring students into the conversation. Involving students helps create cultural awareness of our wildfire-adapted environment while giving them career path opportunities.

In the Fire Bright curriculum, students learn about our fire-prone forests, wildfire behavior, and the skills needed for natural resources or wildfire risk management careers. They are empowered to help reduce fuels around their homes and help their communities come together to prepare for when, inevitably, a fire occurs.

Fire Bright consists of five fully developed modules:

  1. Wildfire risk: Living in the era of megafire
  2. Fire ecology: Forests in a wildfire-prone environment
  3. Fire behavior: Exploring wildfire
  4. Career pathways: Wildland firefighting and natural resource careers
  5. Community protection: Protecting your community from wildfire

About the authors

Jannifer Payne
Jennifer Payne
Education Program Director
Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative
Herb Johnson
Herb Johnson
Firewise Coordinator
Oregon Department of Forestry
Ben Ho
Ben Ho
Science teacher
Oakdale Middle School, Medford, Oregon

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