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Kara Baylog

Forestry Outreach Coordinator

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Content by Kara Baylog

Fire FAQs—How can landscapes with mixed ownerships be managed for fire effectively?

Discusses how to manage landscapes for fire when areas are owned or managed by different people or entities. One in a series of fire FAQs that are based on questions that Forest & Natural Resource Extension agents and specialists have received from the people they serve.

Dan Leavell, Carrie Berger, Kara Baylog | May 2018 | OSU Extension Catalog

Keeping Your Home and Property Safe from Wildfire: A Defensible Space and Fuel Reduction Guide for Homeowners and Landowners

This publication provides help for homeowners who want to reduce the wildfire risk around their homes or on their forest property by creating defensible space.

Stephen Fitzgerald, Max Bennett, Kara Baylog | Dec 2017 | OSU Extension Catalog

Citizen Fire Academy: Curriculum Package for Facilitators and Educators

The Citizen Fire Academy (CFA) program equips participants with the knowledge they need to improve fire preparedness and resiliency on their own properties and in their communities. This curriculum offers interested educators or ...

Nicole Strong, Rhianna Simes, Stephen Fitzgerald, Max Bennett, Kara Baylog | Dec 2017 | OSU Extension Catalog

Before Wildfire Strikes: A Handbook for Homeowners and Communities in Southwest Oregon

This is a manual that helps homeowners and neighborhoods prepare their areas and their homes for wildfire. A fire-adapted community is a community located in a fire-prone area that requires little assistance from firefighters ...

Max Bennett, Kara Baylog | Dec 2015 | OSU Extension Catalog

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