Val Hillers, Mary Aegerter, PhD, Carolyn Raab, PhD, Sandra McCurdy, PhD and Dong-Hyun Kang, PhD
PNW 250 | Revised April 2009


What is a foodborne illness? What causes it? How can you reduce your risk of getting it? Known causes of foodborne illnesses, practicing good personal hygiene, cooking foods adequately, keeping foods at safe temperatures, avoiding high-risk foods and water, handling certain foods with extra care, foodborne pathogens, potentially hazardous foods, key food safety guidelines--all the latest information about preventing foodborne illnesses is discussed in depth in this up-to-the-minute publication.

About the authors

Val Hillers
Extension Food Specialist (now retired)
Washington State University
Mary Aegerter, PhD
Freelance writer
Carolyn Raab, PhD
Extension Foods and Nutrition Specialist
Oregon State University
Sandra McCurdy, PhD
Extension Food Safety Specialist
University of Idaho
Dong-Hyun Kang, PhD
Assistant Professor/Food Safety Specialist
Washington State University

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