Biology and Management of the Potato Tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest

Silvia I. Rondon, Sandy DeBano, George Clough, Phil Hamm, Andrew Jensen, Alan Schreiber, Juan M. Alvarez, Michael Thornton, James Barbour and Mahmut Dogramaci
PNW 594 | Published April 2007, Reviewed 2021


Discusses the status of the potato tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest, explains the pest's life cycle, and includes color photos for identification. Suggests strategies for monitoring and control, including cultural and chemical control methods.

About the authors

Andrew Jensen
Washington State Potato Commission
Alan Schreiber
Agriculture Development Group, Eltopia
Juan M. Alvarez
University of Idaho, Aberdeen
Michael Thornton
University of Idaho, Parma
James Barbour
University of Idaho, Parma
Mahmut Dogramaci
Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Oregon State University

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