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Content by George Clough

Vegetable Gardening

Nov 2010
Presentation about vegetable gardening.

By George Clough | Educational Document

Corn Smuts

Jul 2013
Two types of smut attack corn in the Pacific Northwest: common smut and head smut. This publication provides descriptions of symptoms and the disease cycle, and management strategies (which differ considerably between the two types). There is also significant new information, particularly related to common smut, regarding losses and control through variety selection.

By George Clough | OSU Extension Catalog

Biology and Management of the Potato Tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest

Apr 2007
Discusses the status of the potato tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest, explains the pest's life cycle, and includes color photos for identification. Suggests strategies for monitoring and control, including cultural and chemical control methods.

By Silvia I. Rondon, Sandy DeBano, George Clough | OSU Extension Catalog