Threat-Based Land Management in the Northern Great Basin: A Field Guide

Dustin Johnson, Matt Cahill, Chad Boyd, Vanessa Schroeder, Lee Foster, Angela Sitz, Jay Kerby, Tony J. Svejcar and Jackie Cupples
PNW 723 | Published September 2019, Reviewed 2023


Sagebrush ecosystems in the northern Great Basin are threatened by encroaching juniper and invasive annual grasses. This guide presents a simplified framework to help land managers assess and monitor these threats at large scales. By mapping out different ecological states on your land, identifying their level of risk, and estimating how those states might change, you can choose appropriate management actions.

The publication is a full-color, double-sided poster that measures 17 x 33 inches when fully opened, and folds down to 8.5 x 11 inches. Designed specifically for use in the field, it is printed on durable paper with water-resistant inks.

For a more in-depth resource with greater detail and background on this process, see the companion booklet Threat-Based Land Management in the Northern Great Basin: A Manager's Guide (PNW 722).

About the authors

Matt Cahill
Chad Boyd
Lee Foster
Angela Sitz
Jay Kerby
Tony J. Svejcar
Jackie Cupples

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